Care & Maintenance

How often should I clean my floors and what should I use?

We get this question a lot and many homowners are unsure of how to maintain their floors and keep them looking great for years to come. This will depend on your family, but generally a daily dry dusting and weekly damp cleaning with wood floor cleaner will keep your floors looking great.  The exception would be the occasional will want to clean those right away.

If you clean and clean your floors and still they do not look great, our professional deep clean system may be the some cases a maintenance coat may be needed. Call us if this is the case.

Recommended Hardwood floor cleaning solutions

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaning kit


Premium spray mop wood floor cleaner used on Bona treated hardwood floors

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Bona Premium Hardwood Floor Cleaner Refill


wood floor cleaner refill used with premium spray mop and on Bona treated floors. 

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Rubio Hardwood Floor Cleaning Kit


Mop kit used on Rubio Monocoat treated floors

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Rubio Wood Floor Cleaner Refill

Rubio Monocoat  Wood floor cleaner concentrate

 Concentrate to be mixed with water. Used on Rubio Monocoat treated floors. 

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Loba Hardwood Floor Cleaning Mop Kit

Loba Hardwood Floor mop kit

Mop kit used on Loba treated floors

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Loba Hardwood Floor Cleaner Refill

Loba hardwood floor cleaner refill

Concentrate refill mixed with water. Used on Loba treated floors

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